Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Seven Second Delay by Tom Easton

I was lucky enough to be sent this book ahead of publicatiton by and if you want any furthur reviews check out the website closer to the release date of May 2014.

I loved this book! It was high tech, action packed and everything a dystopian should be!

This book starts of with faced paced action and goes up from there. My favourite part of this book was how believable it was; the technology seemed to be only a few steps ahead of our own and because of that it made it all the more exciting.
   I realy liked how Mila's back story was revealed slowly and added so much to the story. The fast pace of te novel was brilliant and the constant switch of view points helps give a rounded story that keeps the reader guessing.

*may include minor spoliers*
   Even though I really did love this book there were some minor let downs. I did not like the ending as I think it could have been so much more and I didn't think it was right for such and exciting book to have such a bland ending.
    Also personally I did not like the mild romance that occured it felt a little forced and in my opinion added nothing to the story. But having said that I loved this book so much and I highly recommend it!

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