Sunday, 1 June 2014

Scarlett series by Maureen Johnson

I read both of these books back to back and I will say they were both fabulous! 
Read this series asap!

   This is such a funny, funny series that I love! I love all of the Martin family and I applaud Maureen Johnson for writing two truly fabulous books.
   This was a great easy, fun series to read and I highly recommend it. Maureen Johnson did a wonderful job at developing the characters in a way that made the reader feel like they were friends with them. Honestly, the characters were my favourite part of the whole series; Mrs Amberson is so eccentric and you have to love her and Spencer is hands done my favourite character! But we cannot forget Scarlett who was a brilliant lead as you could see her grow and mature as the book progressed.
   Another thing I love about this book is how it showed how real families act. I, like the Martins, come from a big family and I can say Johnson hit the nail on the head when it came to dealing with the family dynamics. 
   Also, these books are outstandingly funny! I had to set them down a couple times because I could not see the pages as I was crying with laughter.  One thing I was not overly fond of was the romance in either book though I have to say I am team Max all the way!
   This is a great contemporary series that will have you laughing and leave you feeling great! However, I have to warn you that the ending of Scarlett Fever was not satisfying and I am praying that Maureen Johnson will come out with the next book asap because I am not at all ready to leave the Martins just yet!

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