Monday, 2 September 2013

Elite by Kiera Cass Assumptions

*May contain Spoilers of Book 1 in the series*

*This post contains No spoilers of The Elite because I haven't read it*

    So I haven't read this book yet and I thought it would be cool to say what I think will happen in this book then see how right I was when it comes to reading the book. Let me know if you like this and if you want me to do it for other books.

   To jump right in with the obvious The Selection has to end with this book. I don't think they can stretch it out any longer as there are only 6 girls left. Also I think there will be a bigger play for Aspen in this book as the last book was pretty much dedicated to how America and Maxon should be together and there needs to be a play for Aspen but I hope it will fail because I'm Team Maxon all the way! Maxon has to find out that Officer Leger is the guy America told him about and I think that will cause tension something will arise out of that. 
   I think that the government and rebel side of the book will develop more in this book. One thing that confused me in the last book was how America talked about how History was the only subject that was taught without books. A girl asked why it wasn't and was told that it was something we should know. That doesn't seem right especially when America said her parents had a book of U.S history, I mean surely the best way of documenting what's happened is by writing it down. So this makes me think that the government is hiding information from the majority of the population about the past and how Illea came to be. Also now that I think of it maybe that's why the King's advisers are so dismissive of the idea of better education for lower castes. Maybe they don't want to spend money improving the education system because they don't want them educated. And why did America's parents have that history book if there supposedly aren't any books on it? Obviously that would be illegal, that's interesting. Oh and the North and South rebels I want to see why they are rebelling and what's the difference in them like are they fighting for the same cause or do they each have different reasons for rebelling? And why are the South more dangerous? Do they have better funding? Are the South made up of higher castes and the North made up of lower castes?

So that is my thoughts on the next book I am guessing everything I have no definite spoilers of the next book as these are all ideas that have been floating around in my head. Let me know what you think.

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