Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Wanted Series by Kelly Elliott Talk!

As I promised in my Faithful review I am going to talk all about the Wanted series by Kelly Elliott. So I know this will be a long post so lets get started.


Favourite Male: Josh without a doubt! He is hilarious and so sweet and just amazing! I know that can be said for every male but in my opinion Josh is the best and I would love to steal him from Heather because he's just awesome. 

Favourite Female: Ari! This girl is so feisty and funny and just bad ass. I would love to be her! God I just love her!

Favourite Couple: Ellie and Gunner. They are just the obvious winners they are so perfect together and I feel as though there was never any doubt about them being together in any of the books. Nothing phases them with every other couple there were moments (mostly in the epilogues) that you got genuinely scared they wouldn't make it. However,  with Ellie and Gunner you never get that ever!

Favourite Minor Character: This has to be a tie between Elizabeth (Josh's Mum) or Gramps (Gunner's Granda). On one hand I want to say Elizabeth because she is so funny and she is so great with Heather treating her like a daughter and giving her the kind of motherly advice that Heather can no longer get from her mum. Then on the other hand Gramps is so good and he treats everyone like one of his own and he is so innocently funny walking in to everyone's houses at inappropriate times he makes me smile.

Favourite Book: Easy hands down Faithful.

Favourite Cover:

^I mean look how pretty ^

Onto the Books

Wanted (Book 1): Loved this book honestly I read it ages ago so I can't remember every detail but I remember loving it. I loved Ellie and felt for her in the situation where her Mum's words would affect her. Then Gunner is Gunner you can't not love him it's impossible! One thing I remember thinking was that they got married so quickly (same with all the characters actually) I mean Ellie was 18-19 and Gunner was still in University and that seemed a little young for me. But when you know you know right?

Saved (Book 2): I loved this book especially since I love Ari so much and I got to see so much more of her in this book. There was a lot more drama in this book and so many twists my head was spinning and that ending!!!!!! 

Faithful (Book 3): You can read my full review here. In summery loved this book it was by far my favourite 5/5!

Cherished (Book 4)unrealsed: I am excited about this book and also very curious because we don't hear much on Jessie or Scott in any of the last three books so I am excited to see what their characters are like after more development. However, I am very worried we won't see as much of Ellie,Gunner,Ari,Jeff, Heather or Josh as Jessie and Scott aren't close to them. But that also means new characters will be introduced I for one want to see more of Jessie's brothers.

 So that's it so far on the Wanted series :( you won't be getting a post on this until next year when Cherished comes out so farewell for now Wanted series.

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