Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Stolen by Lucy Christopher

For the Non-Spoiler section I will say I was surprised by this book. As you can probably guess from my past book reviews this book is a lot darker than I would normally read but I still found it amazing! It was fast paced in the beginning, it did slow down in the middle but the end was just crazy! I did not expect the ending. I love Gemma she is amazing and so calm compared to what I'd be. This book also had me thinking a lot about what you normally think of in a kidnapping.

*Spoilers Commence Now*

   Now if your like me when reading the word kidnapped you thought, "God she's going to be held in some basement, starved, raped or even sold on the black market." But no that is almost the complete opposite of what happened. I am also not going to lie I kind of like Ty. I know he's her kidnapper and I really shouldn't because I mean he kidnapped her! But he was so sweet he let her run away like 4 times and always saved her from dying afterwards. He never abused her and he looked after her and yes I know he stole her and it wasn't right but still. I loved hearing about him and why he took her and when you take into consideration his past and everything you can see why he thought he was protecting her and I know it's wrong but I... understand in a way... I don't know I'm so confused. This book has me thinking so much and on one hand I know it's wrong but on the other it was just so beautiful. I can't explain my feelings towards Ty well because I sound like I have Stockholm Syndrom too. Lucy Christopher did an excellent job writting this because I find myself having the same battle Gemma has at the end of the book.
    I loved the setting in the desert and when they got the camel I loved her. I know it's a camel but still she was such a good symbol of what was happening to Gemma. Oh let's talk about the ending I was not expecting Ty to take her to the mine site. I know Ty said earlier on in the book that he would let her go but I almost didn't believe him or I thought she'd want to stay. Clearly I thought the book was going to end completely differently even though I knew in the back of my mind she'd end up back with her family.

This book just has me so conflicted in myself because I just don't know I'm questioning everything I've ever thought on kidnappers and situations. Lucy Christopher I raise my hat to you because you wrote one hell of a good book. I sound stupid so I'll leave it there but seriously let me know what you thought of Ty!

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by but all thoughts are my own.  

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