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Catching Fire Movie Review

Wow. If your faith in "Book to Film" adaptations has been shattered be prepared to be amazed when you watch this film. I would go to say this film is up there with Perks of Being a Wallflower in terms of how good it was.
I refused to get my hopes up after the failure of the City of Bones movie but Catching Fire gave me hope for so many other films because it proves that you can do a Book to Film right. That's all I'll say for non spoilers please watch it it was so good.

*Spoilers Commence Now*

Very quickly I will comment on the tiny tiny minuscule annoyances I had with the film. The main annoyance I had was that there was too much of a play for Gale. I know this is a story with a love triangle but in the books Katniss only kissed Gale once but in the film there were at least 3 kisses. I had no time for him when he was on the screen, this is not me dis-ing Liam Hemsworth I do love him but he made it too hard for me to hate Gale. Also lastly I didn't find some of the deaths as emotional as I did in the book because they all happened so quickly. Cinna's death crushed me in the book I was so upset but in the film his death was only given a few seconds of screen time and we were forced to almost forget it happened so we wouldn't miss the rest of the story. However, even though these things annoyed me they were really little things.


   Effie: I love her so much. You could clearly see how much she cared for them all and the whole trinket of gold and her giving the boys something gold to show they are a team almost  had me in tears. Again I loved her clothes and I did find her funny even though there wasn't a lot of humour in the film, through the whole tour in the first half she was so excited and you could see the pride she had for Peeta and Katniss Which made it so much harder in the reeping when she called there names you could tell she was going to cry. I love film Effie so much more than book Effie.
   Haymitch: Same as Effie I preferred film Haymitch to book Haymitch and he was also very funny. I mean the lift scene when Johanna striped he was hilarious.
   Finnick: HE WAS PERFECT! He was exactly as I imagined him. He was so pretty and I loved how he interacted with Mags and his reaction to hearing Annie's voice from the jabberjays was perfect! He was just fabulous!
  Johanna: This is a prime example of characters who annoyed me in the books and who I didn't like becoming one of my favourite minor characters. Really she is up there with Haymitch and Effie. I loved the whole lift scene was perfect I almost cried with laughter, and I love how her character was developed in the movie where it wasn't in the book. I loved her interview and I loved how she challenges Snow in the arena threatening that riots will start in the capitol. She was amazing!
   Gale: This was one of my annoyance in the film. In the book I found Gale unlikable but thanks to Liam Hemsworth I kind of liked him in the film which annoyed me. No disrespect to Liam but I hated how he made Gale more likable so much so I found myself wishing him away when he was on the screen because I did not want his good looks to take Katniss off the Team Peeta path!
   Peeta and Katniss: I had to put these to together for I have no words for how amazing they are if Jennifer and Josh do not get so much credit for their acting in this film I am done! They are perfect and they stepped up there game from the first film. Well Done!

General discussion:

It is so difficult to pick favourite parts. I loved the scene with the jabberjays in the arena I was in tears because I know exactly how I would feel if that happened to me so I loved it it was done so well. Also before we went into the arena was so emotional I cried-apart from one scene when they had just been reeped and the district did the three finger symbol because I couldn't stop laughing as half of my cinema did it back.
I loved the scenes they added. I loved the montage of the tour and how robot Katniss and Peeta were, I loved the scenes with President Snow and his granddaughter, Effie and Haymitch through out, Peeta and Katniss throughout. I loved when all the victors joined hands it was so emotional, I thought it was amazing how they develop n things that were there in the book eg. in the book we know the victors weren't happy but in the film the interviews made that so clear.
The arena was so beautiful and exactly how I imagined! Each of the sections we see were done so well especially the fog. One thing that annoyed me in the film was everyone could swim it seemed. In the book there were so many people who didn't know how to swim because there districts don't have water but everyone seemed like that they could swim.
My favourite scenes in the film was when Katniss was rescued because I found that so hard to picture when reading the book so seeing it was magical. I loved at the end when Katniss finds out that Peeta's not there and there is no district 12. That was both the best ending to a film and the most frustrating as I want Mockingjay NOW!

Anyway those are my thought let me know yours.

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