Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Music while reading?

Hey guys long time no see. As you may know I am a huge fan of listening to music while I read, in fact I almost always listen to music. I get so excited when a book has a playlist or suggested songs for each scene. I also have a specific playlist of songs I like to listen to when I read.

However, I was reading Silence by Natasha Preston and I felt as though I shouldn't listen to music while I read. This book focuses on a girl who stopped speaking at the age of five, and I felt that because she was silent I should be to. I know that sounds strange but this book also has some serious issues and I thought it would almost be disrespectful to have my attention on anything else. In fact every time I picked up this book I consciously turned off any music.

I think that listening to music can enhance the world of the story and send the reader into a bubble so to speak. However, I am now questioning whether or not to change this view.

What I was wondering was if any of  have ever felt the need to devote all of your attention to a book. I know that some people are dead set against listening to music at all when reading but I want to hear everyone's point of view.

Please let me know your opinions or if I'm a weirdo who over thinks things.

Bye have a nice day.

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