Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Finding a Voice by Kim Hood

"Jo could never have guessed that the friendship she so desperately craves would come in the shape of a severely disabled boy. He can’t even speak. Maybe it is because he can’t speak that she finds herself telling him how difficult it is living with her eccentric, mentally fragile mother.

Behind Chris’ lopsided grin and gigantic blue wheelchair is a real person — with a sense of humour, a tremendous stubborn streak and a secret he has kept from everyone.

For a while it seems life may actually get better. But as Jo finds out just how terrible life is for Chris, and as her own life spirals out of control, she becomes desperate to change things for both of them. In a dramatic turn of events, Jo makes a decision that could end in tragedy.

This is the story of how an unusual friendship unlocks the words that neither knew they had."

This heart warming tale of friendship is a fantastic feel good book.I loved this book and how it played with the so called normal aspects of friendship and turned it on it's head. The author did a fantastic job of making a severely disabled boy relateable to everyone. I must applaud the author for dealing with the two very touchy subjects of disability and mental illness and showing how no matter what people can live full and happy lives as long as they are cared for and listened to.
This was a fantastic novel that highlighted how even when helping others we must take time out to look out for ourselves too. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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