Thursday, 28 August 2014

Underrated Books #1

I have decided to start a new series on this blog in which I highlight books and/or authors that I feel are under appreciated. Also seeing as I am from Ireland I feel like I can showcase some books that are lesser known in other countries.

1. Soulmates by Holly Bourne

I have already reviewed this book and you can read my full review here, however I still feel as though not enough people have read this book. Holly Bourne has an amazing way with words and makes you fall in love with all the characters in the story. This book is a modern tragic love story with all the ups and downs you'd expect. There is also aside story of two researchers/scientists that runs in alternate chapters throughout the book. In the second storyline of the scientists we hear how this relationship will only end up in disaster however, you as a reader still keep hope until the last few pages. This is a fabulous book which I highly recommend!

2. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

Yet again I am aware I have raved about this book several times prior to this but it still doesn't take away from the fact that this is an INSANELY good book! With the amount of dystopian novels appearing at the moment I can see how it may get lost in the crowd but with a plot as original and exciting as this it would be a damned shame if this book didn't get the hype it deserves! This book not only has a rich and exciting plot line but also has the most interesting character development I have ever read! I do have a fuller review of this book which you can see here.

3. Jacqueline Wilson

This woman was my all time favourite author from the age of 6 until I was 13/14 and I love all of her books. I know she is very well known in the UK and Ireland but outside of here she is never talked about and that has to change! She is an amazing writer who is not afraid to deal with hard hitting topics despite her target audience being middle grade and young teens. Through her books I have been reading about abuse, bullying, self image issues, coming out, mental illness and so much more from a fairly young age. Because of this I believe I have turned into a more understanding person and I owe a lot of it to Miss Wilson! If I were to suggest a few books of hers I would suggest: Kiss, My Sister Jodie, the Girls series and Diamond Girls. But really you can't really go wrong with any of this woman's books.

4. The Butterfly series by Denise Deegan

I truly believe this book isn't already hyped up because it was published by an Irish based company therefore it hasn't hit a large enough audience. This is such a surprising series I picked up the first one expecting not to like it that much but ended up loving it and the second book is one of only a handful of books that have literally moved me to tears! The series follows a group of friends who attend a well off school in Dublin, the first book follows Alex who is the daughter of emotionally distant rock star Dad and still struggles with her Mum's death. That's all you need to know it is best to go into all these books with little knowledge of what they are about. Trust me give this book a chance and you will not regret it because it just sucks you in and keeps you entertained from start to finish.

That's it for the first in my "Underrated Books" series let me know what you think of it and please let me know what books you think are completely underrated. Have a nice day and I'll see you again soon.

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