Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

I was planning to do one big post on the whole series but I then realised that, that would be incredibly long. Instead I am going to do one general post on the whole series then go into each book and discuss it briefly. The individual book posts will not be a review as such but more of a discussion.

*Most likely will contain spoilers if you have not read the WHOLE series*


Male Character: Duh Jace who else would you pick??? I don't even need to justify this really.

Female Character: Isabelle. Even though she isn't the main female character I really like her more so than Clary because Clary bugged me. I mean Clary constantly put everyone in danger and was thoughtless a lot of the time. Don't get me wrong I still love her to pieces but not as much as Isabelle. Isabelle is funny and kick ass and I love how she constantly wears heels and sexy dresses even when fighting and how her weapon is the whip. She is just fabulous!

Couple: Obviously Clary and Jace they are just perfect together but I would not mind stealing Jace for myself. Other than the obvious I really like Magnus and Alec together and Simon and Isabelle.

Minor Character: I love Luke! He is so lovely and is the main father figure in the whole book to everyone! Not just Clary but Simon and all of the kids in his pack even Jace at times! I also really like Simon because he's Simon. And Magnus because honestly Magnus is just fabulous in everything he does.

Book: City of Glass. I flew through this book also I didn't pause to make notes on it like I did with all the other books and I literally read it in one sitting! Which proves how much I loved it because I rarely read a whole book in one sitting!


General Thoughts:

I love this series so so so much it's amazing! The twists and turns are so unexpected and the books are hilarious! I am not joking I have laughed out loud on the bus like a crazy person as a result of these books! I love the world and the story. I love the characters, I love everything about this series. Did I mention I loved the series?

Movie Thoughts:

   The film was good before I read the books but looking back on the film, it was awful! They left out so much and whilst I agree there wasn't a lot that happened in the first book due to the fact it was mostly world building but seriously. Also it gave away the biggest twist in the whole series! I am sure Cassandra Clare would have been furious I would have been! Hell I was I went into the books knowing the biggest twist of the whole thing, all be it I was slightly glad because if I hadn't of known in the second or third book I would have been so grossed out! But, I still think it took away something from my over all experience of the series.Also they just made up the second half of the film I mean why did Clary keep the cup? That means the rest of the story cannot pan out the way it did in the books because guess what Valentine needed the cup for the rest of the story to happen.
   Also they have confirmed City of Ashes, I am both happy yet terrified! I know they will do the same thing to this film as they did to the last. Maybe I've just been spoiled so much book to film wise I forgot what a generic book to film was like. I mean The Hunger Games was amazing transferred as was Perks of Being a Wallflower so clearly I forgot the reasoning why I panic when I here books are being turned to films. Clearly I forgot how the film ruined my love of Twilight. But alas Hollywood needs to steal good ideas and ruin them.

Sorry went off on a rant at the end but the message before was clear. Hope you liked it and look out for the single book discussions.

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