Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Elite by Kiera Cass

 NB- This will be full of Spoilers

I was looking over my Assumptions for The Elite (which you can look at by clicking here) and I was proud to say I was spot on for some of them however, I was wrong in other aspects.

I was wrong in that the Selection would end I mean there are still five girls in it. However, the books! I called it I knew books would come up! When Maxon showed America the room of books I was wondering why it was so highly protected, but when America was reading the diary it became clear very quickly. I was yelling at the book when America told her Dad because it was clearly a HUGE secret that Maxon trusted her with and she just went off and told her Dad. Then coincidentally only a little while after that the castle was attacked by Southern rebels twice and they stole books. Does that mean America’s Dad is involved with the rebels because there was no way that they would have known otherwise? I am intrigued to find out.

Also that diary! Illéa was evil wasn't he! And the King knows exactly what he did. I hate the King, I never really trusted him but after finding out what he did to Maxon I hate him with a passion. Also what was with that trip to New Asia? There is something fishy going on there. Why won’t Maxon talk about it? Why did they go into the countryside? What is going on?

Now Aspen. I was right in suspecting there would be more of a play for Aspen in this book but I was glad the way it happened. America stopped seeing Aspen as an option over Maxon but just an option if Maxon didn't want her, which I liked because Team Maxon all the way. Apologies to any Team Aspen people out there but I was so glad when she told him to leave her alone at the end. No she didn't break it off but she was so close.

The Marlee scene, I was so upset. I almost cried because I cared for Marlee just as much as America and I was so proud of America for standing up for her. I can understand why America was upset with Maxon for that. I honestly was feeling the same thing but she took a bit long to realize that it wasn't his fault. America was annoying me because she was being such a girl! Maxon told her that he was going to pick her and that she should plan her princess suite yet when he didn't pay her much attention she went off and did that Report! I was squealing because she was so reckless. The King scared me so much after America gave that report I thought he was going to banish her or something. I also love Maxon so much more for sticking up for America.

I loved the scene when Maxon and America were in the safe hatch thing. It was all too beautiful. They finally started to talk to each other about what they were feeling. Then Maxon explained what he was doing with all of the other girls and even though we got the impression it was over between them it was just a beautiful fairwell.

The ending was so nerve wrecking. First I thought she was leaving. I was crying when she was saying goodbye to her maids, then I started to cry when Maxon came up and told her she could stay! But fair play to Maxon for finally taking control of their relationship. He finally took control and told her where he stands and what he needs from her. I am really nervous to find out what will happen with Kriss. This love triangle has turned into a square and I am terrified.

Those are my basic thoughts on the book. Let me know yours.

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