Saturday, 30 November 2013

Assumptions for The One by Kiera Cass

*Will contain spoilers for Book 1+2 but none for book 3 obviously since it's not out*

I know I said this in my last assumption but the Selection has to end. It just does.

Also I think America is going to be fighting for Maxon more in this book. In the previous two books she took Maxon for granted but now after almost being kicked out and the threat of Kriss she is going to have to fight for him. America is going to have to tell Maxon about Aspen being a guard in the castle or else that is just going to blow up in her face.

As Maxon wants to trust America more I think we are going to learn more about the running of the country and the war in New Asia. Also the King is going to try to sabotage America at every turn and I think he will break her at some point.

Also I think the rebels will do something BIG! Whether it’s just a huge attack on the castle, possibly a kidnap situation or they will broadcast information in the books. I can sense some huge political thing is going to arise because it’s a dystopian and that has to happen. Also I want to find out more about how her Dad is involved in the rebels because I am certain that he told them about the diary America had. It just had to be him.

Oh and obviously I think that Maxon will end up with America. Aspen can just go away I don’t really care what happens with him.

And I would love for something nice to happen for America’s maids because I just love them. They are so good to America and how they are helping her win the Selection. Also I want to see more Marlee. I want to know if the King will find out but I really just want America to have her friend back!

I am so excited for this book to come out! Let me know what you think will happen because I want to hear all of your opinion. Have a great day!

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