Sunday, 11 August 2013

Beneath Your Beautiful by Tamsyn Bester

"On the outside Huntley Morgan is your typical girl-next-door, with her long blonde hair and piercing  blue eyes, and that's exactly what she wants people to see. Her name exposes her demons of her past but remembering her reason for moving across the country to start over is what keeps her alive. 

For the first time since the brutal murder of her mother, Huntley allows herself to care about the people around her. 

Grayson Carter has everything a 21yr old College Senior could wish for-he's the star of Whitley University's football team, he has a different girl willing to be in his bed every night and a supportive family. For years he has managed to keep his family together and hide their dark secrets from the small town of Breckinridge, Alabama,

When Huntley and Grayson meet, a force so strong pulls them together in a hurricane of feelings neither of them could have ever anticipated. Huntley and Grayson try to stay away from each other, but when Huntley's demons seek her out, their pasts become the biggest storm of all.

Will they learn to trust each other and build a new future together or will they simply do nothing about it to prevent history from repeating itself?"

*May contain some spoilers*

Now I will be honest one of the reasons I picked this book was the song by Labrinth and Emeli Sandé, I know that may be a little naive but the song fits the book perfectly and I found myself listening to that song while I was reading it. I loved this book I not only loved the main story line of Huntley and Grayson but I also loved the mini story of Brody and Demi and I would not object to a spin off book following their story.

Huntley and Grayson were such strong characters on their own each with a truly heartbreaking past! However, in saying that I couldn't help but feel sorry for Grayson as the problems he had were not given as much attention as they could have been. Also I would have liked Grayson's brother Jeff to be more of a character in the book as because he had lost one sibling I would have thought they would have been closer. However,  even with these minor minor faults (and I use the term faults loosely) I thought this book was completely and utterly fabulous!

I really enjoyed the surprise at the end even though there were a lot of hints towards throughout.

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