Thursday, 29 August 2013

Random Ramble on my Book Buying Problem

Ok so basically this is just really random rant because I have a dilemma that really isn't that big but still. I currently have 4 books I have to review However I have 6-7 books on my to be read pile and lately I have just been buying books on my kindle like crazy but that's not the dilemma! I ended up seeing mortals instruments in the cinema on Wednesday and ever since I have been itching to read this series. I have wanted to read these books for a long time but there have  also been books I have wanted to read for a longer time on my wish list so I've been putting it off. Now however on seeing the film these books are all I can think of and I have also found a box set that is fairly cheap but my dilemma begins on the fact that I have all these other books I want to/need to read. I just know if I get these books I won't stop until I've read them all which is a problem because I have all these other books to read. Now my question is should I just get the books and say to hell with the rest or should I wait until I've at least read some of the books I have to read? Let me know because I am going insane!

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